Grace English School

Grace English SchoolGrace English School was established in 1997 in order to provide education to marginalized rural children. This ministry is currently providing education to over 900 rural children. The students range in age from 4 to 16 years old. 75% of the students are from a Muslim background, while 20% of the students are from a Hindu background. The morning assembly time provides daily opportunities to plant seeds of the Gospel in the children.

Grace English School offers these rural Indian children the valuable opportunity to be educated at an English-medium school (meaning that all of the classes are taught in English). The ability to speak and understand English is crucial for success in India, and many rural children don’t get the opportunity to attend schools taught in English.

Grace English School AssemblyGrace Baptist Church was established in 2008 and currently meets on the school campus. Every Sunday, two students from NEIBBC commute to Grace to conduct Children’s Church for over 40 children in the school campus.

Jacob Ahmed (Dr. Ishak Ahmed’s brother) is the headmaster of Grace English School. He has a bachelor of science and a master of theology.

Grace English School is self-sufficient, with the student tuition covering all of the costs of running the school. However, transportation for the students to and from school is desperately needed, and NICE is trying to raise funds for more school buses like the one pictured above.

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